confidence is good but why do certain people post pictures of their raggedy wore out buttholes as if they are unaware how nasty it looks? like i really can't tell if these niggas know how bad it looks and just don’t care cuz they are so confident, or if these niggas are slow and really don’t know they look disgusting. nobody wants to see that shit. i be wanting to say something. n i don’t even think it’s rude, like niggas need to know the truth. realistic self-perception is everything.
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We are constantly deleting photos because of this. We want everyone to feel welcome here at but we cannot have the photos sectioned over run with pictures of pimple covered saggy butts and gaping buttholes. We hate to discriminate but it's in very poor taste for people to post those kind of photos. You would be surprised at the photos we have had to delete over the years... everything from obvious std infections, to people having sex with animals. While this website promotes open-mindedness we still have a set of guidelines that must be followed. So in the future if you see a pic that is disgusting, simply report it, and we will review it. If it violates our guidelines we will delete it.
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