Bonjour Friends,
I'm Evans From Maryland, And I've been Workin' Online For The Past 14 yrs. due to my HIV Disability.
I Got Tested At A Local Clinic In The Area, Tested POZ And Was Given Initial Meds To Take And Go Home
Guess What Happened Next!
I Began To Feel Weird, And Within A Week, I Became Disabled And Wheelchair Bound.
I have LOST Of BALANCE In My Legs.
At First I was like FUCK Man, WHY ME?
But Then GOD Blessed Me Again!
I STILL Get PAID Every 2 Weeks As If I Never Left Work! Amen...
I Receive Social Security And My Old Job STILL Pays Me A Disability Income!
It Was Part Of The Benefits For Working for Them :)
I Was Living A FAST Life Back Then. Now That I'm More Mature, I Think That God Tryin' To Tell Me:
" Evans SLOW Down"
lololol... It's All Good! I've Learned To Never Ever QUIT!
You Better WORK! lolololol...
I'm A Workaholic At Heart, And NOW Work Passively From Home Online Just To Pass TIME. :)
I Wanna HELP You Too Earn Some $$$$ Online Like Moi Friends.
For MORE Info If Interested Holla! ONE :)
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