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I love them dudes who are Saggers
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Luv a 100% top nigga who has cakes
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😍 rawblkdic
I sometimes overhear, on that rare occasion that I don't have on my Sony earphones, people talking about how disgusting dudes "wearing their pants like that" look. Invariably, if you saw the person sa...View More
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Makes me wanna slide the boxers down a Lil n slide my tongue between them cheeks for a quick taste
I don't like that type of person. The type of person that just blindly hates or judges what they don't know anything about. If someone sexy is sagging, I love the eye candy, but that aside... people have no business hating a stranger they know nothing about because they are doing something or enjoy ...View More
I love them dudes who are Saggers
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I love sexy saggers, turn me on
It's not a game
I love the swags boi
I don't understand how some people hate sagging. They must really hate sexy butts.
Tony Jockstar
Love a hot sag! Nothing better than seeing a hot shirtless stud showing off as much of his underwear as he can!
Are 17 year olds permitted on this site? I think Not!
Anyone receiving request besides me?
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